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is driven by a strong company culture – a culture that live inside every individual in our company. Everything we do is based on
Four core values
1.Knowledge:- We are always keen to learn the new tech-gadgets first before we commit, so we can deliver the best technology ever.
2.Honesty:- We are always honest with our clients because their success is our success.
3.Quality:- We make sure we deliver with the highest possible quality.
4.Passion:- We are always doing our high tech work with passion to ensure the best deliverables.

Need to know more About Us? Here is Our Uncle Rashdan Telling you About Us:-

  • RashdanIT is a professional services Technology Software House since year 2009. RIT has now branches in UAE(Dubai) and Egypt(Cairo).
  • RashdanIT is serving its clients in the Middle East (Gulf and Egypt) and Europe (France and Germany) regions mainly, it has also served some clients in Canada and South Africa.
  • RashdanIT was created by Professional Multinational Engineers who worked as Software Engineers and Technical Project Managers for several Big Multinational Corporations like Microsoft, IBM and Orange for several years.
  • RashdanIT offers Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence development, Dynamic Programming (Web, Desktop, Mobile), IT Infrastructure, Offline trainings, Networks and Communication Development activities and services, as well as/including product Testing implementations, Agile Product/Process creation, management and support.
  • RashdanIT explores how technology and services can help our customers addressing their problems and challenges, and realizing their possibilities, aspirations and dreams.
  • RashdanIT applies new thinking and ideas to create more simple, value-added and trusted experiences with technology, continuously improving the way our customers live and work.
  • The foundation of RashdanIT lies with the expertise, Importance of delivery and commitment to deadlines and varied experience inherent in our staff of professionals.