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Software Development

Rashdan IT Engineers are experts in multiple types of development platforms (Web, Desktop/Enterprise, and Mobile). They can use different programming languages like Python, C++, C# and Java at an expert level to deliver high-quality projects.

Artificial Intelligence

Some RashdanIT Engineers already got their Masters' degrees in Artificial Intelligence (AI) - They can help you create your own Machine Learning Model or AI App. like:- Chatbots, Stock Predictions, NLP, Predictions and Medical Diagnostics AI Apps.

Cloud Solutions

Rashdan IT Engineers are experienced in creating Cloud Solutions for Large Enterprises as well as SMEs. If you need to create your company's cloud solution on top of cloud platforms like Azure, AWS, or Google Cloud solutions, we can help you with it.

Agile / Project Management

Rashdan IT Project Managers did manage huge scale size projects already since 2009 for large enterprises and corporates, if you feel that your project isn't following the right track, or you feel that your project is behind the deadlines, we can always be your technical project managers.

Data Analysis

Rashdan IT Engineers can help you analyzing your Big data. If you are planning to analyze large-scale data-sets or data warehouses or even medium scale Databases, increasing your sales, optimizing your team performance. Our Engineers can use different statistical regression modules and tools like Tableau.

Offline / Online Trainings

Rashdan IT Engineers Did provide Professional Offline Trainings in different countries including KSA, South Africa and Egypt. We are always happy to share our knowledge and provide the needed technical professional training. We did also provide academic training for different universities around the globe.

*For More Information about our services - please, contact us at: or, Just drop us a message on Our Contact-Us Page.